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Friday, June 20, 2014

Building a Simple NodeJS API on Microsoft Azure Websites from Start to Finish

NodeJS is a powerful framework for building IO-centric applications with JavaScript. Although it hasn’t yet reached a major version number (as of this writing, the latest build is 0.10.28), the level of developer, community, and industry support for NodeJS is nothing short of astounding. From Wal-Mart to LinkedIn, NodeJS is powering more and more of the experiences with which you interact every day.

Although there are many options for hosting NodeJS applications, Microsoft has been an early supporter of NodeJS from the beginning by making direct investments in the framework and demonstrating a commitment to making NodeJS a first class citizen on Windows, both on-premises and on Microsoft Azure.

In my new article for CODE Magazine, I provide a lap around NodeJS and Microsoft Azure Websites by showing you a simple but functional API that I recently developed from the ground up. I’ll start by discussing the design of the API, go on to reviewing implementation details, and then proceed to pushing the API live on Microsoft Azure Websites.

You can read the article here as well as on Amazon and at your local news stand.


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