Space shuttles aren't built for rocket scientists, they're built for astronauts. The goal isn't the ship, its the moon.
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Hands on leader, developer, architect specializing in the design and delivery of distributed systems in lean, agile environments with an emphasis in continuous improvement across people, process and technology. Speaker and published author with 18 years' experience leading the delivery of large and/or complex, high-impact distributed solutions in Retail, Intelligent Transportation, and Gaming & Hospitality.

I'm currently a Principal Engineer at Amazon, within the North America Consumer organization leading our global listings strategy that enable bulk and non-bulk listing experiences for our WW Selling Partners via apps, devices and APIs.

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Desert Code Camp II Sessions

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.NET 3.0, Red Bits, Green Bits and .NET 3.0+

Any parents with small children are undoubtedly familiar with a Disney show called "Higglytown Heroes". The main characters are like Russian dolls. Hollow in the center and split at the torso such that other smaller dolls can fit inside. Picture .NET 2.0 as a small Russian doll and .NET 3.0 as a larger one. Now, stick .NET 2.0 into .NET 3.0 such that .NET 3.0 now includes the .NET 2.0 doll. This is the integration plan for both framework versions.

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BizTalk Server Mapper

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Deep Thoughts...

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Musings on Organizational Agility and its Potential Implications on Software Engineering

I don’t have a problem with the tents of the Agile Manifesto and honestly believe that they are noble and well intended (although I'll never be able to get past the supposition that architecture, up front can all but be ignored). However, I can’t help but wonder if the misinterpretation, and more importantly the flawed execution by naïve practitioners, of agile is creating a bastardization of modern software development resulting in a setback of software as an engineering discipline.

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