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MSDN Events: Building an Effective Messaging Infrastructure with WCF

I will be doing a talk for MSDN events on Windows Communication Foundation. This is a level 200 talk that includes a combination of content from the MSDN team and my own. Even if you have seen my fundamentals talk on WCF, this session is guaranteed to include new content and code samples.

Topic:  Building an Effective Messaging Infrastructure with WCF

Date: Wed., Sept. 26, 2007 - 1:00-5:00 PM Pacific Time

Location: Microsoft Southwest Office - Phoenix, AZ


Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) brings tremendous power to developers and architects who are charged with creating distributed systems, but the many coding and configuration choices within WCF can be daunting. When faced with an almost infinitely configurable system, how can you be sure you’re utilizing WCF effectively? Learn how to solve the real-world technical problems that led you to WCF in the first place.
This session will educate and inform both developers and architects about how to build and configure services in WCF using a variety of real-world scenarios as examples. After a brief review of WCF’s code concepts, we’ll explore techniques for building an effective messaging infrastructure, taking advantage of WCF’s many built-in services, including security, transactions, reliability and durability.
You’ll learn:
•  How to build and configure services in WCF
•  WCF core code concepts
•  Techniques for building a rock-solid messaging infrastructure
•  How to maximize WCF services, including security, transactions and durability

Please register by clicking the event link below, or by calling (877) 673-8368 (877-MSEVENT) and referencing Event Code # 1032351524.
  Read More & Register for Event (Microsoft.com Events Site - Event Code # 1032351524)

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