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Intra-Process Communication Transport

I met Roman Kiss in person at the MVP Summit today, and had a great conversation about how to provide an intra-process solution when performance is critical and you don't want to pay for the creation of transport channels unless you absolutely have to.

Roman has done a fantastic job documenting this on CodeProject: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/WCF/NullTransportForWCF.aspx

The idea is that even IPC requires necessary transport channel creation to marshall between processes. The Null Transport, as Roman calls it, provides communication within the same Application Domain. So, it isn't as close to the metal as you can get, it *is* bare metal.

This is a brilliant approach to providing intra-process communication within SOA while providing the same level of flexibility that any WCF client/service gets via binding/transport choices that are, for the most part, post-depoloyment decisions.


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# re: Intra-Process Communication Transport

Good stuff! We have had cases were we need the performance of direct calls, but also realize the calculations and logic were a good service candidate. This solves a significant problem we had and had the potential for too much code to make it into the client (in this case a thick client app). In our case we had a datagrid that showed some financial calculations for 200-300 items. If a finance parameter changed the calculations would have to run for all items. Thanks for the post!
4/23/2008 6:39 PM | Brendon Birdoes

# Sitting in an Oslo SDR

<p>That's all I am allowed to say but I am very encouraged. Also, as one of my Connected Systems collegues, Rick Garibay, states , there is a lot of sheer talent in the room like Juval Lowy, Brian Loesgen, Brian Noyes, Michele Leroux Bustamante, Roman Kiss, Don Box, the Sells brothers. Also check out Roman...</p>
12/2/2008 3:22 PM | Sam Gentile's Blog
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