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Comprehensive Series on WCF & REST

My friend Rob Bagby has done an excellent job putting together a series of primers on REST with WCF.

REST is gaining more and more attention recently as a great way to expose services over HTTP that do not require WS-* features. I think if you spend some time with REST, you will not only learn an alternate way of working with services, but you will also learn or re-learn the fundamentals of the HTTP protocol, which will be helpful regardless of what approach you take to building Web Services.

Rob's blog series can be found below:


Rob has also put together a series of screen casts on the subject which can be viewed here:

  • endpoint.tv - Controlling the URI in RESTful WCF with Rob Bagby
  • deCast - Creating a HI-REST GET Service with WCF 3.5
  • deCast - Consuming a HI-REST GET Service From Silverlight 2 (Beta 2)
  • endpoint.tv - Caching and Conditional Get with Rob Bagby

    To catch up with Rob, be sure to check out his upcoming live events here: http://blogs.msdn.com/bags

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