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Hands on leader, developer, architect specializing in the design and delivery of distributed systems in lean, agile environments with an emphasis in continuous improvement across people, process and technology. Speaker and published author with 18 years' experience leading the delivery of large and/or complex, high-impact distributed solutions in Retail, Intelligent Transportation, and Gaming & Hospitality.

I'm currently a Principal Engineer at Amazon, within the North America Consumer organization leading our global listings strategy that enable bulk and non-bulk listing experiences for our WW Selling Partners via apps, devices and APIs.

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New Class: A Day in the Life of Scrum with VSTS and Team Foundation Server

While my favorite technology areas is all things SOA and Connected Systems, I have an equal passion for software development process and methodologies.

In my career, I have delivered several successful projects and have also seen a fair number of projects fail. I have been successful with both traditional, iterative and agile methodologies, and for the last 3 years, I have had tremendous success leading and delivering projects with Scrum.

No software development project exists in a vacuum. That is to say, we do not build software for the sake of building software. We build software that solves business problems. Doing so requires people, process and technology.

I am a big believer in that Scrum is a better way to build software while managing risk and delighting customers.  After all, isn't it the customer who is most important in any software development endeavor?

I have seen Scrum, and agile software development work time and time again, and I am pleased to announce that Microsoft has invited me to share some of my success strategies with Scrum and Visual Studio Team System.

I will be delivering the class in Mountain View on 3/19, Phoenix on 3/26 and Bellevue on 4/2. Thanks to Microsoft and Neudesic, the class is free, so if you are interested in learning how Visual Studio Team System provides both the process and engineering capabilities to apply scrum, please join me. 

Below is the invitation from Microsoft for the Mountain View class. If you are interested, please register ASAP as seating is limited and classes will fill up.


A Day in the Life of Scrum with Visual Studio Team System 2008 and Team Foundation Server


Please join Microsoft and Neudesic for a day in the life of Scrum with Visual Studio Team System 2008 and Team Foundation Server!  Agile methods are a set of development processes intended to create software in a lighter, faster, more people-centric way. Many development teams have adopted "agile" methodologies to manage change and to improve software quality. These methodologies promote continuous integration as a practice to build and test software products incrementally as new features are included, bugs are fixed, and code is refactored.

If you missed the first series of Agile & Scrum Essentials last fall; here’s your chance to attend the follow-on event where we’ll briefly revisit the basics of Agile and Scrum and provide a walkthrough of how to configure Visual Studio Team System 2008 and Team Foundation Server for Scrum. Participants will be familiarized with how key artifacts are managed within this popular process template for enacting Scrum in organizations.  

Join us for this interactive event as we explore a “day in the life of a Sprint,” that will give you a practical perspective of how Scrum teams leverage Visual Studio Team System for end to end management of the planning, execution and control of Scrum projects. The day will end with an overview of what’s coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010!


Welcome: 8:30 AM

Class Start: 9:00 AM-4:30 PMimage

Mountain View, CAimage

March 19, 2009 

Click here to register or call 1.877.MSEVENT (1.877.673.8368) with invitation code: 38B820.

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