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SSWUG Ultimate Virtual Conference April 22-24th

I will be delivering two sessions at the SQL Server World Wide User Group Ultimate Virtual Conference being held worldwide online on April 22nd through April 24th, 2009.

Building, Configuring, Hosting and Deploying a Service-Oriented Application with Windows Communication Foundation 3.5

Services are the next evolution in software engineering for building distributed systems. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the premier framework for building service-oriented applications in .NET 3.5.

WCF is a programming model that unifies messaging and communication concerns typical in building service-oriented applications into a single programming model that makes service-orientation tenable. In this session, we will explore the case for building service-oriented applications and demonstrate how to build, configure, host and deploy a WCF service leaving you with a fundamental foundation of the core concepts and techniques of WCF that you can put to work right away.

Building Reliable Distributed Services with Windows Communication Foundation 3.5

Services coordinate work. Often, this work may be distributed across any  number of services which work together to fulfill a business process.

Transactional capabilities such as atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability have long been a mainstay of database development, and delivering the same level of reliability in service-oriented applications is not optional. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) supports both local and distributed transactions in intranet and internet scenarios. In this session, we will explore why understanding transactional support in WCF is critical to providing reliability in your service-oriented applications and how you can leverage WCF’s support for local and distributed transactions with an emphasis on delivering distributed services that are reliable and transacted.

The conference price is $125 per track, and there are 36 sessions across 4 tracks including SQL, .NET, MOSS and BI.

Check out the registration page here, and use VIP code SPRGARN09 for a discount: https://www.vconferenceonline.com/shows/spring09/sql/register/multireg.asp?newmem=1&show=sql

The .NET track schedule is available here:  http://www.vconferenceonline.com/shows/spring09/dotnet/sessions.asp

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