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Speaking at Ultimate Virtual Conference on October 22







I will be speaking at the SQL Server Worldwide User Group Ultimate Virtual Conference on October 22.

If you haven’t experienced an Ultimate Virtual Conference, it is very similar to other industry conferences. There are a number of tracks including .NET, SQL and MOSS and sessions are scheduled on specific days.

Unlike traditional conferences, however, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office to attend. All sessions are streamed in HD video at the scheduled time. Speakers are available via live chat during the initial screening of their sessions and then you can watch the sessions again and again.

I will be delivering the following two sessions:

Developing and Deploying an On-Premise .NET Application with Azure Table Storage

Azure Table Storage provides a scalable data access solution for applications hosted on-premise or in the Azure cloud. Learn how to get up and running with Table Storage with a look at building entities, provisioning Table Storage locally in Development Storage and in Azure Table Storage along with techniques for maintaining a consistent development experience when developing locally or against the cloud. 

Developing and Deploying a WCF Application with Azure Compute Services and Azure Table Storage.

The Azure Compute Service provides robust hosting capabilities of you .NET application in the Azure operating system. Learn about Web Roles and Worker Roles and how to configure your .NET application for deployment to Windows Azure. We will also explore techniques for consuming data via Azure Table Storage and put at all together and deploy the application live to Windows Azure. 

My colleague Brendon Birdoes of Neudesic will also be presenting the following sessions:

ESB Toolkit 2.0 Overview

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is an architectural pattern and a key enabler in implementing the infrastructure for a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The ESB Toolkit for BizTalk Server 2009 implements best practices and patterns for building loosely coupled service oriented solutions using BizTalk as the bus. The ESB Toolkit 2.0 is one of the best new features of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009! Join Brendon as he explains what the ESB Toolkit is, explores the features and capabilities and discusses the benefits of using the Toolkit for your BizTalk solutions.

Implementing Messaging Solutions Using ESB Toolkit 2.0

Itinerary based routing is the key pattern in delivering solutions in the ESB Toolkit 2.0. The challenge though is how to take a traditional BizTalk scenario and implement it using the ESB Toolkit and itinerary based routing. This session will walk through a real world scenario and iteratively build the solution from a simple itinerary to a more complex itinerary including some of the more advanced capabilities of the Toolkit. This session will also take a closer look at the best new feature of the ESB Toolkit which is the Itinerary Designer that is fully integrated into Visual Studio 2008. If you are a BizTalk developer and would like to get an idea of the Toolkit development experience, this is a must see. 


For a complete list of sessions and speakers, go to http://www.vconferenceonline.com/shows/fall09/uvc/

I have a limited amount of discount codes I can give out so feel free to contact me via email or @rickggaribay on twitter and I will set you up.

Please feel free to use discount code SPRGUVC09 for $25 off registration discount.

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