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New Year, New Role

I’ve been with Neudesic since 2007 and have thoroughly enjoyed my role as the Connected Framework Practice Lead for the Connected Systems Practice.

I am passionate about model-driven, distributed software and have focused my career on helping organizations across all verticals streamline business processes while enhancing the productivity of developers by combining modern, iterative software engineering methodologies to deliver business value and drive revenue while reducing operational costs.

This role has been exhilarating. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best and brightest consultants in the world and helped build a regional Connected Systems practice that I am very proud of. In my role as Connected Framework Practice Lead for the Connected Systems Practice, my focus has been on architecting, designing and leading the implementation of solutions built on distributed .NET technologies such as WCF, Azure, Neuron ESB and Sync Framework as well as focusing on model-driven tools such as Entity Framework (EF) and SQL Server Modeling Tools (Oslo).

Effective 1/2, I am moving out of my role as Practice Lead and into a Solutions Architect role with the Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) at Neudesic.

As a Solution Architect, I will continue to apply my passion in helping customers realize the benefits of the Microsoft platform by integrating distributed and model-driven Microsoft technologies to attain business outcomes, however this role will significantly limit the amount of time I spend on delivery/implementation and focus almost entirely on strategic architecture and design to help ensure that the solutions in which we partner with our customers are envisioned,  orchestrated and executed as effectively as possible.

This new position aligns wonderfully with my areas of interest and career goals and will position me to have a larger footprint with Neudesic’s customers by being both a touch point and a touchstone for all customers within the Desert District and to help ensure they are effectively leveraging technology to accomplish intended business outcomes and help align business needs with the Microsoft stack.

It’s an exciting time for building distributed, service-oriented solutions. The enterprise and consumer market present endless opportunities for integrating applications and services, and SOA-much like the Internet- has become both a conduit and the lynchpin for integrating and surfacing these assets to add value to people and organizations both on-premise and in the cloud.

To this end, this year will be very exciting with a number of exiting releases including Windows Azure moving to production and the release of the .NET Framework 4.0 which will include updates to WCF which I believe will significantly increase adoption as well as new value-added functionality around discovery and routing. In addition, this year we’ll see a complete rewrite of WF, a tremendous update to EF and continuous investments in SQL Server Modeling Tools.

As such, the focus of my blog over the next 12 months will be on leveraging these technologies to solve business problems and provide new opportunities for organizations, developers and architects. I will also begin introducing Neuron ESB (our Enterprise Service Bus built entirely on .NET and WCF) and what a tremendous accelerator this product can be in crossing the cost-value chasm.

Lastly, we are hiring. If you are interested in talking with me about career opportunities at Neudesic, please send me a note.

Happy New Year everyone!

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