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TechEd North America 2010



TechEd 2010 is drawing closer and closer and I am especially exited that this year’s event will be in New Orleans. New Orleans has always had a sense of mystique for me and I am really excited to visit the city since the unfortunate storm.

To that end, I will be doing a BoF session on Azure AppFabric Service Bus called “Enabling the Ambient Cloud with the Windows Azure Platform AppFabric Service Bus”.

You can view the details here: http://northamerica.msteched.com/Topic/List?fbid=0ITpdgd9SPP (filter on BoF) and I’m providing the full abstract here in hopes that it will peak your interest:

The key value of Service Bus may not be what you think it is! We build services that can be composed with other applications and services, regardless of platform or protocol. But to realize these benefits, applications and services must be consumable beyond the same walls that created the silos that service orientation strives to overcome. The service needs to be able to call the client, even through NATs and firewalls. To achieve the benefits of Software + Services, these walls must be brought down without disrupting the security and peace of mind that entire careers have been dedicated to preserving. Come discuss and share your experiences of how Azure AppFabric Service Bus is changing the game. How are you using, or thinking about using, the Service Bus to transcend network boundaries and expand the reach of your services and applications to the Internet and beyond?

BoF sessions are unique in that they are highly collaborative and encourage conversation, so I really hope you’ll consider attending.

In addition, I’ll be helping out on the Connected Framework labs in the Lab Center, so be sure and stop by and say hi.

See you at TechEd!

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# TechEd 2010 Bound

TechEd 2010 Bound
6/5/2010 9:24 AM | rickgaribay.net
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