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Desert Code Camp 2010.1 – The Goods


This was a great event as usual, and I really have to hand it to @jguadango, @coneybeer, Devry University and all the volunteers for putting this together. The logistics, facilities, scheduling and planning for 55+ sessions is not easy.

I’ve presented at every Desert Code Camp since the very first one, so I think this one makes 6 or 7. Code Camp is always a great day to interact with Phoenix’s community of technologists through conversation, teaching and learning and this one was no exception.

Below are the goods for each session, and as promised I’ve included videos of my WCF and AppFabric Service Bus demos.




Demo Vids

Let the Good Guys in with Azure AppFabric Service Bus
Demo1: Unicast One-Way Messaging with NetOneWayRelay Binding
Demo 2: Multicast On-Way Messaging with NetRelayBinding
Demo 3: World Peace & Fireworks with NetTcpRelayBinding (HD)
Beyond the Whiteboard: Enforcing Conceptual Integrity with Visual Studio 2010 N/A
New Features in WCF 4 that will Instantly Make you More Productive
Demo 1: Convention over Configuration (HD)
Demo 2: Dynamic Endpoint Discovery (HD)


If you have any comments or questions, drop me a line.

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# re: Desert Code Camp 2010.1 – The Goods

Thank you for this useful information, I will attempt to recreate the WCF 4 demos on my system. Your presentations were packed with cool stuff that I will probably get to use shortly in my work projects, I am glad I had the opportunity to attend them!
5/21/2010 1:51 PM | Anita Lacea

# The AppFabric Platform is Landing

The AppFabric Platform is Landing
10/28/2010 1:07 PM | rickgaribay.net
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