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Building Composite Hybrid App Services with AppFabric

Here are the links to my most recent talks on AppFabric including Service Bus (1/12) and bringing it all together with Server AppFabric (2/9). 

Building Composite Hybrid Application Services with AppFabric

AppFabric Service Bus

In the final webcast in my series on AppFabric, I discuss how Windows Server AppFabric extends the core capabilities of IIS and WAS by providing a streamlined on-premise hosting experience for WCF 4 and WF 4 Workflow Services, including elastic scale via distributed caching as well as how Windows AppFabric can benefit your approach to building and supporting composite application services via enhanced lifetime management, tracking and persistence of long-running work flow services all while providing a simple, IT Pro-friendly user interface.

The webcast includes a number of demos including the management of WF 4 Workflow Services on-prem with Server AppFabric as well as composing calls between a WCF service hosted in an Azure Web Role with an on-premise service via AppFabric Service Bus to deliver hybrid platform as a service capabilities today.

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