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DCC 2011.2 Lap Around Azure Service Bus: The Goods

Thanks to all that came out to my “Lap Around Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging” talk at Desert Code Camp today.

We covered a ton of content including things a few folks didn’t know about relay messaging capabilities in Azure Service Bus and demonstrated how simple it is to expose a REST or SOAP endpoint from behind the firewall. I also demonstrated the brand new load balancing capabilities that were just released last week.

From there, we dove deep into the .NET API to walk through how to provision queues and topics from code and start messaging within minutes by simply grabbing the Azure Service Bus NuGet package and writing a few lines of code.

Next, we explored the REST API, and how simple it is for any HTTP client, regardless of platform to take advantage of the robust messaging capabilities that Azure Service Bus queues and topics have to offer.

Last but not least, we wrapped up with a quick walkthrough of the NeMessagingBinding and how simple it is to send and receive messages over a queue using the familiar WCF programming model.

I hope that each of you will unlock new possibilities with the power that these hybrid messaging capabilities have to offer.

I’d also like to thank Pluralsight for sponsoring my session. The quiz is now up for the first 5 smartest attendees.

Search for hashtags #dcc11 #Azure #ServiceBus #Q1 to #Q5.

Good Luck!


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