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NuCon 2012–Feb 16th, Irvine, CA

I’d like to pass on some details regarding an event I will be speaking on in Irvine, CA on February 16th.

NU_logoNuCon is a one day conference put on by my employer, Neudesic that features talks and content from fellow Neudesic colleagues like David Pallmann, Ted Neward and Simon Guest, just to name a few. image

As Irvine is Neudesic’s headquarters, the event provides a great opportunity to gain insight into the future of technology as seen by my fellow colleagues as well as providing pragmatic guidance that you can put to use the following day while networking with other Neudesic customers,  executive management, partners and thought leaders to help guide your strategy on making the most of the tremendous opportunities that the Microsoft platform and Neudesic products have to offer.

In my talk, Hybrid Composition on the Microsoft Application Integration platform, I’ll share how organizations of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the improvement, automation and streamlining of their business operations through hybrid composition.

Abstract image

In today’s technology landscape, exposing key functional areas as traditional services or other means has become the norm for achieving agility and is a requirement for taking advantage of the dramatic improvements that modern middleware capabilities both on-premise and in the cloud provide.

As organizations adapt to this new hybrid model, a shift from a homogenous, single product, big iron approach to heterogeneous, best in class, capability-driven model is necessary for realizing the benefits of service-orientation and enabling the composition of these services on-premise, in the cloud and behind the firewall without making big spending commitments on a product that may only meet some of these needs.

The Microsoft platform offers a number of capabilities for achieving these goals across common Hosting, Workflow, Rules, EAI and Messaging workloads that allow you to choose the right capabilities for delivering your intended business outcomes.

BizTalk Server 2010 and Windows Server AppFabric 1.1 provide a comprehensive middleware platform for developing, deploying, and managing composite enterprise capabilities on-premise and Windows Azure Service Bus and Access Control Service allow you to extend your investments beyond traditional trust and network boundaries making the cloud and other partner/vendor endpoints merely an extension of your enterprise.

Come learn how Windows Server AppFabric, WCF, WF Services, BizTalk Server and Windows Azure can benefit your approach to building and supporting application services at enterprise scale while transcending traditional trust boundaries and enabling the hybrid enterprise.

To give you an idea of the breadth and depth of the sessions, in my talk, I’ll be talking about and showing live demos of the latest capabilities that enable you to build hybrid composite solutions to drive differentiation and innovation within your organization:

Windows Server AppFabric 1.1 Caching (On-Prem) Featuring:

  • AppFabric distributed caching including implementing the Cache-Aside caching pattern and Read-Through caching, new in AppFabric 1.1 

WF 4 Workflow Services (On-Prem) Featuring:

  • State Machine Activity, new in .NET 4.1 and .NET 4.5 
  • AppFabric Connect BizTalk Mapper for WF 4 in AppFabric Connect
  • Long-running workflows
  • Workflow Correlation
  • Composition with WCF services in Windows Azure

Windows Server AppFabric Deployment (On-Prem) Featuring:

  • Easy deployment with Microsoft Web Deploy
  • Windows Server AppFabric Configuration Experience

WCF hosting in Windows Azure Web Roles (Cloud) Featuring:

  • Azure Web Role hosting
  • Azure Service Bus Topic client

Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging (Hybrid) Featuring:

  • Brokered messaging from Azure to on-premise custom applications behind the firewall
  • Topics and Subscriptions

BizTalk Server 2010 Orchestration & Messaging (On-Prem) Featuring:

  • Custom WCF Adapter for consuming messages off an Azure Service Bus Topic
  • Support for custom WCF behaviors
  • Support for hybrid ERP integration such as Dynamics CRM or SAP

So, if you are interested in attending, please consider yourself invited! Click on the links in the invitation below to register (save $100 if you register before Feb 1) and I look forward to seeing you at NuCon 12!

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