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Real-Time Web Apps Made Easy with WebSockets in .NET 4.5


My new article on WebSockets has been published in the Sept/Oct issue of CODE Magazine: http://www.code-magazine.com/Article.aspx?quickid=1210051

The article includes many of the samples and concepts I’ve presented in my recent DevConnections and That Conference talks including using Node.js as simple alternative to ASP.NET/WCF 4.5. In fact, I plan to update all of the samples to run in Windows Azure Compute Services (Worker Role) as soon as Server 2012/.NET 4.5 is rolled out to Windows Azure Compute Services and hopefully show at Desert Code Camp in November.

BTW, if you run a user group or involved in a code camp or other event and would be interested in passing out some complimentary copies of CODE magazine, please let me know and I'll get you hooked up with the right folks.

As always, appreciate any comments/feedback you might have.

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