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Wow! Microsoft Integration MVP of the Year

I recently received news from Lisa Feigenbaum (@lisafeig) , Program Manager at Microsoft that I have been selected as the MVP of the Year for Microsoft Integration.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly honored and humbled to share this recognition with other fellow MVPs that were awarded within their own competency.

As a six-time Microsoft MVP (Connected Systems and most recently Microsoft Integration) I can tell you that being recognized by Microsoft for doing what I love never, ever gets old. There are people in my competency and MVP alumnus who throughout the last decade taught me to treat what I do as a craft, motivated me to become a stronger technologist and learn the value of community- not so much what it can do for me, but what I can do to give back and contribute and be so much better for it (you know who you are).

So, needless to say, to be honored by fellow MVPs who I so respect and from who I have and will continue to learn so much- well, I am speechless so all I can say is THANK YOU!!

Regrettably, for the first time in 6 years, the summit conflicts with my my 10th wedding anniversary that I will be spending with my wonderful wife in Spain. We will definitely raise a glass of vino tinto for all MVPs and wish everyone a great summit!!

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# re: Wow! Microsoft Integration MVP of the Year

Congrats my friend! Well deserved.
2/1/2013 7:33 AM | Sam Gentile
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