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Monday, August 11, 2014

Visual Studio Live Redmond – 8/18 to 8/21

The Goods...

Thank you Redmond, 1105 Media, Microsoft, fellow speakers and all attendees for a great show. I had a blast!

Code: https://github.com/rickggaribay/IoT
Code: https://github.com/rickggaribay/neurl


I’m thrilled to be speaking at VS Live Redmond next week. The show starts on Monday August 18th and goes through Thursday the 21st on Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA.

Events in Redmond aRDSPK10 (1)re always a special treat as it gives everyone a chance to see the campus, interact with product team members and as always, meet and hang out with some of the best, most recognized speakers in the industry like Ted Neward, Michael Collier, Brian Noyes, Eric Boyd, Rachel Appel, Miguel Castro, Rocky Lhotka, Andrew Brust- the list goes on.

I’ll be delivering two Azure focused presentations on the Internet of Things and API development with NodeJS.

Since there is only so much space available for the abstracts themselves, I thought I’d elaborate a bit on what you can expect from each session in this short post. You can find more details about both talks on the VS Live Redmond website or go directly to the abstracts by following the links below.

From the Internet of Things to Intelligent Systems: A Developer's Primer

In this talk, I lay the foundation for IoT and why you, as a developer should care. I’ll show off a handful of devices ranging from Arduino, Netduino and Fez Spider and demonstrate a number of common patterns currently in the wild including default communication, brokered and service assisted. We’ll explore the challenges that exist today in supporting commands, notifications, inquiries and telemetry. I’ll then spend some time giving you an in-depth tour of Reykjavik, Microsoft’s code name for its reference architecture focused on delivering highly scalable messaging fabrics for modern IoT solutions.

We’ll take a look at the reference architecture and how it maps to components on Microsoft Azure. I’ll then demonstrate what a first-class Reykjavik device looks like and demonstrate live telemetry and commands for an end-to-end tour of Reykjavik. I’ve been spending a lot of time with Clemens and team over the last several weeks so this promises to be an inside look at the reference architecture and general shape of things you're unlikely to find publically anywhere else.

Learn more about this talk here: http://bit.ly/VSLRIOT or follow the conversation on Twitter #VSLTH04

Building APIs with NodeJS on Microsoft Azure Websites

This is a talk that I’ve been working on for several months now and continues to evolve. As I discuss in my latest article in CODE Magazine, it started off as a spike for teaching myself basic NodeJS and kind of evolved into a little project for work that needed a hosting environment. After exploring various options, Azure Websites made the most sense and this talk focuses on the key features and functionality of a little URL shortening API along with key ALM considerations like IDE, unit testing, continuous integration and deployment.

I’ll walk you through each step I took in building this API from scratch and deploy it live to Azure Websites as well as show you some really cool things you can do with the Kudu console when things go awry (as they almost always do in a live demo :-))

More about this talk here: http://bit.ly/VSLRAPI or follow the conversation on Twitter  #VSLW09

If you plan on attending either of my sessions please stop by and say hi or after the talk. I hope to see you there!

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