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Desert Code Camp III: Building WCF Services for Deployment in Transiently Connected Networks

This is the second talk I will be doing at DCC III. It ties in nicely with the first article in a WCF article series I am doing for CoDe Magazine due out in the November/December issue, so if you are interested in a sneak peak, I hope to see you there.


Topic: Building WCF Services for Deployment in Transiently Connected Networks


Date: Saturday, September 15th, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Location:  University of Advancing Technology



Mobile devices (be it handhelds or laptops) are now prolific in the enterprise, and more and more users are relying on mobile connectivity so that they can remain productive anywhere and at anytime. So what happens when the network goes down, or a WiFi dead spot is encountered? Or asked a different way, how can you provide the user with the best connected experience based on the state of the network?

In this code-focused discussion, we’ll look at a line of business application built using WCF and Visual Studio 2005 that exposes HTTP, TCP and MSMQ endpoints so that that the client can use the most suitable connection based on the state of their network connection without compromising reliability.

Deck: rickgaribay.net/Resources/PublishedContent/DCC3/Microsoft PowerPoint - Neudesic WCF Reliability - DCC.pdf

Code: **

** As this code will be part of the my fortcoming article "Building WCF Services for Deployment in Transiently Connected Networks, A Reliability Trifecta" for CoDe Magazine, I am unable to make this code available until the article is published. Please stay tuned...

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