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Desert Code Camp III: Foundations of Windows Communication Foundation

I will be speaking at Desert Code Camp III on one of my favorite topics: SOA and WCF. This first talk is a great intoduction to SOA and SO applications and how WCF facilitates building them. This is definetely an introductory level talk so if you are new to SOA or WCF, you will feel right at home!


Topic: Foundations of Windows Communication Foundation


Date: Saturday, September 15th, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Location:  University of Advancing Technology



This session will provide an introduction to service orientation along with the fundamentals of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), the new framework for building distributed applications in .NET 3.0. The WCF API unifies ASMX Web Services, .NET Remoting, distributed transactions and messaging into a single programming model that makes true service orientation tenable.

Deck: http://rickgaribay.net/Resources/PublishedContent/DCC3/Microsoft PowerPoint - Neudesic Introducing The ABCs of WCF - DCC.pdf

Code: http://rickgaribay.net/Resources/PublishedContent/DCC3/ABCsOfWCF.zip

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