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Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate Event Content Download

Thanks to all who came out to the event in Phoenix, Salt Lake City & Las Vegas. We had a great turnout at all events with great questions and discussions.

Remember that the conversation continues on twitter. image

If you attended the event and have a question or comment for any of the presenters, use the following hashtags:

  • Phoenix: #vs2010phx
  • Salt Lake City: #vs2010slc
  • Las Vegas: #vs2010vegas

Below are the presentations from all four sessions in each city:  


Phoenix A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010 Rick G. Garibay
Phoenix Agile Management with TFS Brendon Birdoes *
Phoenix No More "No Repro" Brendon Birdoes *
Phoenix Architecture for Everyone Rick G. Garibay
Salt Lake City A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010 Rick G. Garibay
Salt Lake City Agile Management with TFS Jeff Leite *
Salt Lake City No More "No Repro" Jeff Leite *
Salt Lake City Architecture for Everyone Rick G. Garibay
Las Vegas A Lap Around Visual Studio 2010 Rick G. Garibay
Las Vegas Agile Management with TFS Mickey Williams *
Las Vegas No More "No Repro" Mickey Williams *
Las Vegas Architecture for Everyone Rick G. Garibay

* Note that content for all venues is very similar but may vary from presenter to presenter. All content for both venues will be available soon so please check back shortly.

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