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Hands on leader, developer, architect specializing in the design and delivery of distributed systems in lean, agile environments with an emphasis in continuous improvement across people, process and technology. Speaker and published author with 18 years' experience leading the delivery of large and/or complex, high-impact distributed solutions in Retail, Intelligent Transportation, and Gaming & Hospitality.

I'm currently a Principal Engineer at Amazon, within the North America Consumer organization leading our global listings strategy that enable bulk and non-bulk listing experiences for our WW Selling Partners via apps, devices and APIs.

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Presenting at Fall 2010 SSWUG Virtual Conference

I am presenting 3 sessions at the SQL Server Worldwide User Group V-Conference on October 20th, 21nd, and 22nd.

Introducing Workflow Services in WF 4.0

There are many benefits to model-driven design, including transparency of design for multiple audiences and the simplification of low-level patterns which assist in realizing application designs that are simple to implement and understand. Come learn how simple it is to build workflow services with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) 4.0.

Interoperable Discovery with WCF 4

Windows Server AppFabric extends the core capabilities of IIS by providing many of the cloud benefits on-premise including elastic scale and robust hosting capabilities. Come learn how Windows AppFabric can benefit your approach to building and supporting composite application services via enhanced lifetime management, tracking, persistence of long-running workflow services and caching for performance optimization.

Building Composite Application Services with Windows Server AppFabric

Architecture and design decisions are made by teams every day. Whether subtle or significant, capturing these decisions in a low friction manner while making it seamless to reference is the key to ensuring that the conceptual integrity of a design survives beyond the whiteboard. Learn how to take advantage of model generation, UML 2.1 support and enforcement of separation of concerns by fully integrating these key artifacts with your application lifecycle management with Visual Studio 2010.

The conference is delivered over live and on-demand HD streaming and costs $190. There are over 80 sessions across 4 tracks including SQL, .NET, MOSS and BI. One of my favorite things about this approach is that you can watch many sessions live and still go back and view others that you missed or watch the same sessions over again.

The complete session schedule is available here: http://www.vconferenceonline.com/event/sessions.aspx?id=47&offset=7 along with the complete speaker list: http://www.vconferenceonline.com/event/speakers.aspx?id=47 

Additional perks include:

  • On-Demand access to sessions for 45 days - miss a session? No problem.
  • Chat, Twitter Integration, SKYPE integration for Q&A
  • Experience-based learning - find out what you need to know from people that are using the technology every day
  • 6-Month SSWUG.ORG Membership (or membership extension), included!
  • ALL-ACCESS Pass: SQL Server and Business Intelligence... SharePoint and .NET technologies - all included, one low price
  • Great vendor hall - learn about the best tools, technologies, publications and partners out there for your shop
  • Learning, learning and more learning


    Check out the registration page here, and use VIP code F10VCRGARIBAY for a $30 discount:


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