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Latest Talk on AppFabric Service Bus

AppFabric provides a comprehensive middleware platform for developinWindows_Server_AppFabricg, deploying and managing applications both on premise and in the cloud.

In this 3rd installment of the 4-part AppFabric Webcast series, I talk about how pivotal the AppFabric Service Bus is to realizing the pragmatic benefits of the cloud and demonstrate one way, multicast and direct communication modes.


The cloud is here. No longer just an interesting future technology, it is one that developers, architects and CXOs must leverage if they want to remain competitive and fiscally responsible. How do organizations maximize their investments in current on-premise assets while taking advantage of the dramatic cost and reliability benefits that the cloud offers? More importantly, how can organizations bridge on-premise applications with new capabilities in the cloud or shatter boundaries and limitations that today greatly inhibit composing business processes across private clouds?

In this session, you'll understand the problem domain that software + services forces us to reason about and how the AppFabric Service Bus can help. You'll learn how to expose your on-premise applications and services through firewalls, NAT gateways, and other problematic network boundaries while leveraging the WCF skills you already have.

Download: http://www.neudesic.com/Media/Webcasts/20110112/20110112.wmv

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