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PCSUG.org June Meeting Featuring Glenn Block on Node.js

June 14th 2012 @ Microsoft Southwest District Office in Tempe, AZ

Registration is required. Please visit pcsug.org for more information and to register for this event: http://pcsug.org/Home/Events 

You asked for it, and here it is.

As a user group that is exclusively focused on distributed computing, the appeal of Node.js to a bunch of messaging guys is obvious. Node.js is new, fascinating and seductive. windows-azure-logo

After much excitement and buzz around Node.js in general and on Windows Azure in particular, PCSUG.org  is thrilled to kick off the summer with Glenn Block, Senior Program Manager on the Node.js SDK for Windows Azure team.

Joining us from Redmond, Glenn will be sharing the latest on what the Azure SDK for Windows Azure has to offer, whether you are new to Node.js development or a seasoned veteran.

In addition, our own Developer Evangelist, J. Michael Palermo will help kick things off with a discussion on what the back-end developer needs to know about HTML5 and Windows 8.node

Below is the agenda and logistics- we hope you'll join us for a great opportunity to learn about what Node.js on Windows Azure has to offer as well as network and connect with other members of the Phoenix developer community.

6:00 to 8:00 pm: "Unlock your Inner Node.js in the Cloud with Windows Azure" with Glenn Block, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation 

If I told you that you can build node.js applications in Windows Azure would you believe me? Come to this session and I’ll show you how. You’ll see how take those existing node apps and easily deploy them to Windows Azure from any platform. You’ll see how you can make yours node apps more robust by leveraging Azure services like storage and service bus, all of which are available in our new “azure” npm module.  You’ll also see how to take advantage of cool tools like socket.io for WebSockets, node-inspector for debugging and Cloud9 for an awesome online development experience.

About Glenn Block

Glenn is a PM at Microsoft working on support for node.js in Windows and Azure. Glenn has a breadth of experience both both inside and outside Microsoft developing software solutions for ISVs and the enterprise. Glenn has been a passionate supporter of open source and has been active in involving folks from the community in the development of software at Microsoft. This has included shipping products under open source licenses, as well as assisting other teams looking to do so. Glenn is also a lover of community and a frequent speaker at local and international events and user groups.



5:30 to 6:00 pm: “What the back-end developer needs to know about HTML5 and Windows 8” with J. Michael Palermo, Senior Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation

imageUnderstanding how client applications use and access data  is essential for structuring and providing data through services.  And just as back-end solutions evolve, so does the client.  In this session, you will see how a Windows 8 Metro Style application written in JavaScript and HTML5  is developed to access data via REST APIs and web sockets.

About J. Michael Palermo:

J. “Michael” Palermo IV is a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft.  In his years prior to joining Microsoft, Michael served as a Microsoft Regional Director and MVP.  Michael has authored several technical books and has published online courses with Pluralsight on HTML5 technologies.  Michael continues to share his passion for software development by speaking at developer events around the world.



Registration is required. Please visit pcsug.org for more information and to register for this event: http://pcsug.org/Home/Events 

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